French culture in paris

Ladies and gentlemen, today we are delighted to present one of our achievements in the world of French art history, and more specifically in Paris. The Frenchculture in paris website is aimed at art history enthusiasts and neophytes alike, offering personalised tours of the most famous museums in Paris. 


Their commitments

The FrenchcultureinParis website was developed using the . This versatile platform offers great flexibility for creating dynamic and interactive websites. The developers used programming languages such as HTML, CSS and PHP to design the structure and operation of the site. They also integrated specific functionalities to enable users to book visits, access exclusive content and share their experiences on social networks.


This part, which is essential to the smooth running of the site, has been developed by our team of in-house developers, with the addition of online date and time booking tools, https site security, an automatic back-up system and a number of other services.


The design mock-ups were created in collaboration with the client to ensure that the site was unique and reflected their graphic charter and brand image.


It plays a crucial role in the success of a website. It is the process of optimising the site to improve its visibility and position in search engine results. That's why we optimise content, use keywords related to your theme, etc.


Once the site has been delivered, our team ensures that it runs smoothly over the long term with a highly responsive maintenance service.