Artificial Intelligence has naturally found its way into the IT development sector.

Make way for innovation in your web development project with artificial intelligence (AI)

At Caprove, we've wasted no time in implementing the concepts and technologies that make up AI to transform each project we're entrusted with into added value for our customers. Do you need the resources to bring your company closer to its customers and boost sales by using the data collected clearly and rationally thanks to AI? Our web agency has the expertise you're looking for!

artificial intelligence

AI has succeeded in convincing people of its ability to improve the user experience. Its main objective is to create intelligent machines. These machines are equipped with a logical self-learning system, giving them predictive capability. They are capable of detecting, understanding, acting, learning and above all evolving autonomously, just like a human being.

AI and automation: benefits for businesses

Artificial Intelligence is undoubtedly the most appropriate method for solving this equation. By integrating AI into your web application, your company will add an extra layer to the relationship it has with its customers, thereby increasing your traffic. Internally, it will have all the information it needs to stay competitive. On the back end, this will involve, for example, setting up chatbots, an anti-spam filtering system, and a system for automatically selecting tags based on questions.


AI improves the user experience: chatbots make it easier, faster, simpler and more efficient. 
It makes it possible to personalise the company/customer, company/employee, etc. relationship.
Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool for helping companies to redirect their decisions in a relevant way, in order to increase their revenues. 
Automation of repetitive tasks: form entry, invoice preparation, customer management and problem solving.

As with everything else, the success of an IT development project requires a strategy and a sufficiently clear and solid vision from the outset. So how do you go about including Artificial Intelligence in the loop? 

Our web agency's philosophy is based on 5 values, one of which is innovation. Our expertise enables us to advise you on the right systems to adopt, to support you in creating responsible practices, and to help you prepare your company and your human resources for a quantum leap.

As a company, your main concern is to constantly improve the user experience while demonstrating resilience. To achieve this, you have a key, not to say vital, element at your disposal: the data collected from your customers and prospects. This data will enable you to do several things:

Predict your customers' trends and behaviour;

Offer these customers and prospects tools that will prove your capacity for innovation and the seriousness of your brand, so that they come back;

Retaining your customers and building loyalty;

Maintain and continuously improve your brand image

More than ever, data has become the sinews of war for businesses. By harnessing this information through Artificial Intelligence, companies can become the driving force behind their own success. The famous "datas" make it possible :

Improve your customers' lives by delivering a tailored, personalised offer;
Make relevant and clear decisions based on tangible knowledge;
Have solid control over the quality delivered by your company, so you can be proactive;
Achieve objectives by measuring the strategies put in place;
Solve problems by linking each department, location and system;
Innovate with concrete arguments;
Increase efficiency by allocating your resources according to real needs;
Identify and exploit effective strategies, services, resources and programmes;
Establish an information base on which you can set performance targets;

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