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An overview of how to create an e-commerce site

The growth of e-commerce: an opportunity to be seized now!

E-commerce is continuing to expand like crazy. In France, it accounts for over 15% of retail trade, and is set to exceed 25% before 2025. From small businesses to large groups and public bodies, the question is no longer whether to go online, but how and when? Setting up an e-commerce site is an important step in the life of a company. Much more than just creating a website, setting up an e-commerce project is a fully-fledged corporate project that will involve all departments at some point.

Get ready to conquer new horizons with your e-commerce site!

The creation of an e-commerce site follows a similar methodology to that of a traditional website, after having dealt with the commercial, logistical and organisational aspects. Clearly defining your objectives, taking account of user expectations and drawing up precise specifications are essential to the success of your online shop. Get ready to realise your ambitions by contacting us to start your e-commerce project with confidence.
The more ambitious the project, the greater the technical knowledge required. 

24/7 availability Targeted marketing Save time Stock management
24/7 availability Targeted marketing Save time Stock management
Sales growth Expand your audience Data analysis Instant feedback
Sales growth Expand your audience Data analysis Instant feedback


Online shopping can limit direct contact with new customers, which can lead to basket abandonment. To recreate a human experience similar to that of a physical shop, it is essential to offer effective means of communication such as improved product sheets, live chat, chatbots, telephone contact, call-back requests, emails and social messaging. Using a noreply@domaine.xx address can damage customer relations. It is preferable to encourage dialogue to foster customer loyalty. Maintaining a strong link between the customer and the brand can lead to increased customer loyalty, which has a direct positive impact on the company's turnover.
Before registering the first orders from the e-commerce site, all the logistics aspects need to be taken care of. Choosing reliable partners, ensuring stock management and controlling costs. 75% of Internet users believe that the retailer is responsible if there are problems with delivery. Shipping costs are an essential part of any e-commerce project, and should be considered from the outset. They form an integral part of the commercial offer. 55% of online shoppers do not complete their purchase because shipping costs are too expensive.
The security of the platform is crucial, both to reassure customers and to ensure that it runs smoothly. A data leak can have far-reaching effects. It will be necessary to be rigorous on the points concerning the RGPD, to keep a register of contractual consent (general terms and conditions of sale and general terms and conditions of use) and marketing consent (newsletter subscriptions, for example).
Over 90% of customers pay particular attention to design and visuals when making a purchase.

85% of people are not happy with their e-commerce experience.

More than half of French people now make purchases from e-commerce sites using their mobile phone.

Over 30% of French people have already bought a product via a social network.

Over 50% of French online shoppers say they take environmental, ethical and responsible issues into account when making their purchases.
85% read comments and ratings first. 85% trust reviews. 65% need to read a maximum of six reviews before feeling confident enough to make a purchase.

A product is twice as likely to be bought if it has reviews... even if they're negative. Reviews have a positive effect on referencing.
More than half of consumers who intend to buy a product do not complete their purchase.
An increase in loading time of 0.1 seconds can cause a 7% drop in the conversion rate. A load time of two seconds can more than double a site's bounce rate.
Of those who drop out, 40% do so because of additional costs when paying and 30% because they have to register.
75% of Internet users believe that the retailer is responsible for any delivery problems.
55% of customers who have had a bad delivery experience will not order from the site again
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