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Our agency works with you to develop a bespoke mobile application with features and a user experience tailored to your needs and to the image of your website.

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Our agency's expertise covers all aspects of designing and creating a mobile application, including design, development and maintenance. We make it a point of honour to study all the projects entrusted to us in detail, so that we can build tailor-made mobile solutions that are perfectly suited to our customers' specific needs. Want to create a mobile application? Take advantage of a free study of your project during a meeting with one of our experts and ask all your questions, as well as benefiting from valuable advice.

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Our expert mobile developers will work with you to define the most appropriate technical solution for developing your mobile application, based on your technical and commercial objectives. Find out which solution is right for you by contacting our mobile development agency and take advantage of a completely free study of your project.

Maintenance and development of mobile applications

Our expert team will ensure the performance and reliability of your website with our monthly maintenance subscription. Concentrate on your core business while we take care of your site's digital health.
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Boost your sales Clear, detailed costing Save time Reduce your marketing costs Chat system
Boost your sales Clear, detailed costing Save time Reduce your marketing costs Chat system
Sales growth Expand your audience Data analysis Instant feedback Stable and powerful
Sales growth Expand your audience Data analysis Instant feedback Stable and powerful


The cost of developing a mobile application varies according to a number of factors, such as the number of functions, the complexity of the design and the integration of third-party services. Our agency specialising in the creation of mobile solutions will study your project free of charge and give you a precise estimate so that you have a clear view of the cost and duration of each stage.
The choice of technology used to develop a mobile application essentially depends on your objectives and the nature of your project. If you are targeting a specific platform, you might consider choosing the Koltin language for Android or Swift for iOS. These languages allow you to create powerful native applications while making the most of mobile functionality. On the other hand, if you want to develop a mobile application for both Android and iOS, then choosing a hybrid solution like Flutter or React Native for your project is often the best compromise. These technologies speed up the development process, which helps to reduce the cost of creating a mobile application.

In addition to development costs, which account for a large part of the budget, creating an application involves a number of additional costs:

Development: The cost of development varies according to the complexity of the project and the number of notifications, as well as the technology used.

Design: Before starting to develop an application, it is important that it is built visually to validate the user journey and experience.

Hosting : For applications that require a database or storage, you need to budget for hosting on a monthly basis.

Stores: publishing an application on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store costs a few dozen euros.

Maintenance: Once the application is online, it needs to be monitored by qualified experts who will correct bugs and carry out updates.

Back-Office: To manage the content and various functions of your mobile application, you may need to develop a back-office that your teams can access from the web.

Marketing: Every application launch involves putting in place a marketing and digital strategy to win over your first users.

Opting for a mobile development agency rather than a freelancer offers significant advantages, especially for projects that are ambitious and complex. 

A mobile agency, unlike a freelancer, offers complete coverage of all aspects. This includes not only development, but also crucial services such as user interface design, user experience planning, maintenance and even hosting.

By working with an agency, you have access to a complete team of professionals specialising in each area, ensuring consistency and superior quality at every stage of your project.

A native application uses Kotlin or Java for Android and Swift for the iOS operating system. Hybrid applications use different languages depending on the framework used. React Native, for example, allows you to use JavaScript or TypeScript, depending on the developer's preferences.

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