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Setting up an online booking platform is now essential for professionals who want to optimise their business.

Who is it aimed at?

A reservation website can be used to book holiday rentals, hairdressing or beauty appointments, medical appointments or repair services. So it's a system that's beneficial to the vast majority of business sectors. It can be adapted to suit your business to ensure optimum ease of use.

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Increase your customer base with an online booking site

Promote your offers, services, coaching and/or training with a clear, high-impact website. We help you transform your online presence with a message and design that converts. Over the last 3 years we've helped dozens of self-employed people, restaurants, coaches, craftsmen and solopreneurs get more customers.

How do you create an online booking website?

Creating a website is already a big job, creating an online booking site is another. That said, like any other project, creating a booking website requires an overall reflection of the project. It's important to get it right to avoid a disappointing result. As the site reflects your image and needs to be up to date, you should allow as little time as possible for its creation.
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24/7 availability Simplicity Save time Sales growth
24/7 availability Simplicity Save time Sales growth
Instant confirmation Reducing cancellations Online payment Customer satisfaction
Instant confirmation Reducing cancellations Online payment Customer satisfaction


It's clear today that offering web reservations on your site is a major competitive advantage. There are many advantages available to companies that choose to offer this option, starting with improved visibility and greater brand awareness.
Customers can also book in just a few clicks, which is very practical.
What's more, companies can retrieve customers' contact details and contact them directly to offer them other services. Whether on a tablet or a computer, all your themes will need to be adapted.
There are several advantages to offering customers the option of booking. Advice and development are important elements, whether your site is a showcase or an e-commerce site. Firstly, it gives them the opportunity to book a table at any time, without having to wait on the phone.
Secondly, it allows them to see the availability and prices of different establishments in real time. To create an online showcase site for your business, you need to follow a few simple steps. Thirdly, it saves them unnecessary travel if they have already booked a table. Fourthly, it allows them to modify or cancel their reservation at any time. Finally, it allows restaurant owners to increase their turnover by managing reservations on the web. Translated with (free version)
It is now common for retailers to offer the option of reserving their products or services on their website. This simplifies life for potential customers and increases their visibility. The advantages of booking include ease of use, speed and convenience.
What's more, customers can be sure of being able to book a service and avoid unnecessary travel.
An internet booking site is a website that allows you to book a hotel room, a plane ticket, a train or a table in a restaurant. These sites also allow you to compare the prices of different service providers and choose the cheapest service for a computer reservation system.
A booking site is a website that allows you to book a hotel room, a plane ticket, a table in a restaurant, and so on. These sites are being used more and more, because they are easy to use and allow you to compare prices.
When you think about creating websites, you also think about SEO. This is one of the major challenges of having a presence on the web. This is an important step, because it allows you to be visible on search engines. So it's essential to devise a natural referencing strategy. Think about the right keywords to include - keywords that are essential to your business, of course. Pay attention to the titles and h2s you are going to use. They all need to be relevant, precise and easy to understand, encouraging visitors to read on to the end. If you don't feel up to the task, leave it to someone else.
As this is an online reservation website, you need to select a good reservation system. There are a whole range of solutions that allow you to link a reservation system to your website. For an open source CMS like WordPress, there are suitable plugins that will allow you to display this booking module on your site. Admittedly, they are usually basic and do not meet all needs. But there is also more complex software on the net offering more advanced functions. So you're spoilt for choice. All you have to do is find the solution that's best for you from among all those on the market.

Conclusion about online booking

Thanks to online booking, customers no longer have to wait for your business to open or go to your address to book a service. They particularly appreciate the ease and availability of online booking.

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